Q: How did Big Me come about?

A: (Note, this answer is given by little me)  I really hadn’t cared too much about spirituality or personal growth until a series of traumatic events took place in my life in my early 20s which forced me to recontextualize my whole existence.  I began looking for truth in the world and myself, very earnestly.  This recontextualization has been going on for the past 20 years now, and is the driving force in my life.

One of the things I like to do is watch spirituality based movies, to look past my context, and see what others’ context is.  I was watching the movie “Kumare,” and I was really impressed by some of the things he did and said.  One of the things I particularly liked was his mirror meditation, where you sit opposite someone else, and picture yourself looking through their eyes looking at you.  What advice would you give yourself?

Sometime after this, I was lying in bed, unable to sleep.  I said to myself “what if I could take away all of my attachments, aversions, prejudices, and so on, and imagine that as another person — what would that look like?  What would this being say?”  I figured that this was basically me, without all of my ego attachments. This would be what they call in spirituality the “Self with a capital S,” so I decided to call it “Big Me.”

So there I was lying in bed, and I heard myself say “Big Me, are you there?”  Curiously, I got back an automatic “Yes”. So I asked “is this me imagining things?” and  a voice came back to me saying “No, this is your Higher Self, what would you like to know?”

And thus, we began the conversations.

Would you like Big Me to answer your question? For consideration, please email your question to: askbigme@gmail.com

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