Q: Little Me: I Have a Concern, What Happens When I Run Out of Questions/Things to Ask You?

A: I wouldn’t worry about it. When you’re done, you’re done. That being said, the ego’s questions and problems are endless, so you can always manufacture more questions and problems for me to answer. Also, the Self is forever expanding, growing, and evolving. So there will be continuous questions and answers. There is no “end”. The “end” is a fabricated concept of the ego. It creates time, and like I said, time can be used as a tool, but eventually, the tool takes over and starts to run the show, leaving stress, anxiety, depression and all sorts of human suffering. Learn to respect time, but live in the moment. Now that’s something to contemplate.

On our relationship with our own higher self.

Q: How come I sometimes feel very close to you, and other times I feel totally distant?

A: All things come and go.  Communication comes and goes as well.  Don’t be attached to anything, let life flow through you.

People think that all things progress in a straight line, which they do tend to do in the material world.  But in the non-material realms, things take place in their own time.  You can set your intent, or do the best to set your intent, which is the only thing you can really do.  What happens is up to God.  Another way to put it is to say that you are responsible for the effort you put into things, but not the result.  Another saying is “Let go, and let God.”

Be as clear cut and consistent on your relationship to me, and leave the rest to God.  Be at peace with this.  Communication comes and goes just as it does in the material world; you haven’t talked to a certain friend for a long time, then one day you pick up the phone and call (or text), and the next thing you know you’re having lunch together.

Your relationship with your higher self is like this.  Just set your intention to communicate with your higher self, and sooner or later it will happen.