Q: I Work with People as a Holistic Therapist. Sometimes My Work Is Hands-On. Is There an Energetic Exchange When You Work on a Person Physically or Mentally?

BigMe explains how you can protect yourself from negative vibrations when you work with other people.

A: Yes, there is. You can’t be close to somebody, and not pick up on their vibrational frequency.  It’s just like tuning forks, if you set one up next to another one, and you hit it, both will start resonating at the same frequency. The difference between tuning forks and human beings, however, is that there is conscious decision-making in the process. The more conscious you are, the more of an ability you have to not be affected by someone’s frequency around you. Raising your consciousness level, gives you more options in life. It allows you to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t see, and pick up a more subtle vibrational frequencies and thought patterns and other people so that you’re not as much a victim to them. It also allows you to see your own thought patterns, tendencies and automatic assumptions so that you’re not victim to those either. All in all, the best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to your own vibrational frequency. Be conscious of yourself first, and that will lead to consciousness of others.