The nature of true evangelism.

Q: What is true evangelism?

A: True evangelism is being in the world exactly as God intended you to be.  This means “Being in the world, but not of it”; “Wearing the world like a light garment.”

What this means is to be in the world, but not be attached to your ego and its positionalities, to see yourself in others and others in you.  When you see yourself in others and others in you, your natural state of being, which is love, shines through, both to you and to others.

People don’t need to be preached to, they don’t like to be preached to, they respond better to the love that you are.  And people get this.  We often remember the kind words of a stranger, or a loved one, or a teacher.  These times stick with us.  And it’s contagious.  When someone loves you, you tend to be more loving towards others and the world, and vice versa.

To evangelize, we need to reside in our true self, which is love, to spread the word of God’s love through the world. In short, to evangelize, and share God’s love, be more loving to others, see yourself in them, and it will happen naturally.