Why do we have health problems? Why do I have so much pain?

Q: Why do we have health problems?

A: That’s a pretty big question, but it all does come down to a couple of simple facts. First, we partake in destructive behaviors: we smoke, drink, don’t exercise, don’t eat right, are negative, and so on.  All of this is bound to make us sick in some way.  Another major complicating factor is some of the negative baggage that we carry around with us.  These repressed emotions literally come out through a bodily illness, because we repress them in our psyche so much.  The last thing that makes us sick is our genes, or, in other cultures, what is called our karma.  It’s the stuff that we are born with.  However, working with the first two will minimize the expression of our genes in a negative way.

Q: Why do I have so much body pain?

A: You have so much body pain from your karma, it’s your karma to have this pain, and it’s your karma to try and fix it. Eventually you will fix it, not someone else, but I cannot tell you when or how, because this is also in the karmic package.  When you are done with this whole karmic package, it will all make sense.  You could use past life recall to aid you as well, both by yourself and with others.

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