How can I be of the greatest service to the world?

Q: How can I be of the greatest service to the world?

A: You can be of the greatest service to the world by being yourself, and being as loving and understanding as possible to everyone and everything you come across.  When you are focused on being as loving as you can be, it also has the added benefit of disidentifying you with yourself, allowing you to assume witness consciousness more fully, and, as a consequence, you’ll also be happier.  So being as loving to everyone is its own reward, it’s not just good for everyone else, but also for you.

Understand that the world needs everyone that is in it, just as they are, and that everyone serves a unique purpose. To be the greatest service to the world, be yourself fully, and be as loving as possible.

One thing people do that brings them a tremendous amount of misery is that they try to be something that they are not, rather than what they are. They think they have to be different in order to be loved and accepted by themselves and others.  What they are showing themselves is how they are not accepting themselves or their divine plan.  But in reality, these people are still being great service to the world; they are showing others exactly how to be unhappy.

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