Q: What Should My Practice Be and Why?

A: There are many great practices out there. The key to any practice however, is consistency. Part of the big problem with any kind of spirituality today is learning about the spirituality instead of practicing it. For instance, putting in fact, or practice, what it says in the Didache will help you make serious spiritual progress. The same can be said of the Noble Eight-Fold Path of Buddhism. But it must be practiced. And Ideal practice for anybody would be to take any spiritual principle, from the Didache, the Noble Eight-Fold Path, the Neti Neti practice, anything, and do it consistently, every day. It’s also a good idea not to skip around too much. Doing the Neti Neti practice one day, then looking at the Didache one day, and the Noble Eight-Fold Path another day, it’s kind of like starting a different project each day. It’s best to pick one project, and finish it before going on to the next. That being said, you don’t have to become enlightened before you switch spiritual paths. There’s a specific type of discernment that has to be learned.  Any spiritual principle, if really practiced with intensity and earnestness, will reap huge spiritual benefits. Some of the most powerful spiritual principles to put into effect each day are ones that you were already aware of. Things like being as honest as possible with yourself and others as long as it hurts nobody are great spiritual principles. Another one is to try to see the world through another person’s eyes; this will help you develop compassion for other people. Compassion eventually leads to unconditional love. Another great spiritual practice is focusing completely on the moment, instead of projecting oneself into the future or the past. Another great spiritual principle is to focus completely on the sense of self. What that feels like, both mentally, and viscerally. All of these are great principles, and great paths that will lead two serious spiritual progress.

How can I be of the greatest service to the world?

Q: How can I be of the greatest service to the world?

A: You can be of the greatest service to the world by being yourself, and being as loving and understanding as possible to everyone and everything you come across.  When you are focused on being as loving as you can be, it also has the added benefit of disidentifying you with yourself, allowing you to assume witness consciousness more fully, and, as a consequence, you’ll also be happier.  So being as loving to everyone is its own reward, it’s not just good for everyone else, but also for you.

Understand that the world needs everyone that is in it, just as they are, and that everyone serves a unique purpose. To be the greatest service to the world, be yourself fully, and be as loving as possible.

One thing people do that brings them a tremendous amount of misery is that they try to be something that they are not, rather than what they are. They think they have to be different in order to be loved and accepted by themselves and others.  What they are showing themselves is how they are not accepting themselves or their divine plan.  But in reality, these people are still being great service to the world; they are showing others exactly how to be unhappy.