Why do I feel so helpless?

Q: Why do I feel so helpless?

A: When we look at the nature of the ego, we see that it is always in motion, trying to fix problems that it perceives.  When we feel helpless, we feel that way because we can’t “fix” the supposed problem.

The way out of this is to step back and observe.  See what you can do right now in this moment, and do it.  Leave the uncontrollable variables up to God, the universe, whatever you want to call it.  Helplessness, which is a form of fear, is present because we lack trust in the process — the perfection — of our life unfolding.

In any situation, there are things we can, and things we can’t, control.  Fear and helplessness is the ego’s attempt to usurp God in his control of the situation.  It is basically a lack of trust and faith.  Replace fear and helplessness with trust in God’s perfection and you’ll be at peace.

Another way of looking at it is to realize that the ego thinks it exists, when really it is just a collection of thoughts, ideas, prejudices, judgments, and so on.  Really, it has no power; the real power comes from consciousness.  When one feels helpless, it is in touch with its own fear of non-existence.

The way out of this is to step back, observe the ego and its true nature, and have faith in God and the process of consciousness unfolding.

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