How do I manifest things in my life?

Q: What is “manifestation”?

A: Manifestation is the ego’s word for recognizing what is already happening in the flow of life, and then trying to take ownership for it happening.

The true secret to “manifesting” is to step back into witness consciousness and see what is happening.  This is what people call being “psychic”.  A psychic sees what is happening, and what is most likely to happen in the near or distant future by observing the currents in life that are already happening, taking into account that things are interdependent on each other, and life tends to unfold in a cause and effect straight line appearance (more or less).

One thing leads to another, to another, and so on.  If one is more identified with the witness, who just watches things unfold, one gets totally into life, and the person seems to be manifesting things like crazy because what one wants and what is happening are one and the same.

In contrast, the ego is totally out of the flow of life, so to speak, and wants what it wants, and is in a way opposing life, or God, so to speak.  Therefore, it has trouble manifesting. If you want to manifest better, take a step back, look at what is happening, and be impartial.  You’ll realize that what you want is what is happening, and is what is manifesting.

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