The value of our jobs and knowing when to move on.

Q: Is there a value to our vocations other than the obvious worldly things they provide?  If one is restless in his vocation, is it worth pursuing another vocation?

A: Above all else, it’s most important what your intent is at any job you have or take.  This is what really matters.  That being said, jobs that give you the opportunity to serve mankind, animals, or the environment offer a better opportunity to open the heart, better than jobs that just require you to put in your work and get a paycheck.

What you do in life is always a reflection of your intent, your true intent, and who you are, who you identify yourself to be.

When one is restless in their vocation, it could be the possibility that the vocation no longer represents who one really is.  This will come across as a general uneasiness, or anxiety to the ego.

It could also, however, be a natural state of the ego, that is, the ego is marked by fear, continual action, seeking, problem finding and solving, and so on.  Sometimes it will find problems in a job when there is no problem.  The ego is just projecting its own uneasiness that it feels at all times onto a job that there is no problem with.  This may be especially the case with jobs that are relatively peaceful and do not require a lot of tasks at once.  This lack of continual action is fear inducing to the ego.

So the question becomes, if one is restless in their vocation, is it just normal ego consciousness? Or is it a sign that one’s soul is ready to move on to something more fitting to it?

Only consciousness can answer this, this is not a decision for the ego to make.  Take a step back into witness consciousness, and ask for your answer.  And be totally open to whatever answer comes.

When one is looking to move from one vocation to another, use the same process: take a step back and ask what vocation would better suit one’s life purpose. Be patient, and wait for the answer, or answers, to come.

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