What is “happiness”?

Q: What is “happiness”?

A: First of all, I think it’s very important to distinguish the two states, or forms, of happiness. That is, what happiness is according to the ego and what true, eternal happiness is.

Happiness, according to the ego, is an imagined or perceived state of security.  This can come in the form of accumulation of wealth, property, or power over others.  Of course, since by definition the ego is insecure and not happy, it has to accumulate more and more in order to keep this temporary state of happiness, more like a fix, going.

Ironically, this happiness the ego feels when accumulating something is actually when the ego feels like it has conquered something, and it rests, or stops briefly, in its incessant quest to accumulate.  Therefore, the happiness is noticed when the ego is temporarily inactive. Very ironic.

Eternal happiness is what happens when what you want, and what is happening, match.  It’s when there’s a lack of resistance to what is.  Happiness happens in proportion to the amount of identification you have with your witness or higher self, rather than your egoic imaginary image.  It’s really state of flowing; whatever is happening is not resisted.

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