The significance of our dreams and what we can learn from them.

Q: What is the significance of dreams?

There are two types of dreams.  In the first, during the day, a person goes about their daily life, not in the moment, mostly in the dream state of some degree of identification with their ego.  

Therefore, at night, their subconscious reprocesses what happened during the day.  The reason why it can be sometimes so crazy is because in dreams, ideas, people, and situations are interchangeable with other symbols for them.  So, to our rational mind, they don’t make sense.

To understand this dream, take a step back and get the overall feeling of the dream while using your intuition to sense what the dream meant.  Oftentimes, this dream is a reprocessing/repackaging of some daily event.

Other dreams occur when there is some stressful event taking place in our life that we do not want to face. Like I said before, dreams are representative.  They take place with a language of symbols.  In these dreams, you can often intuit what the dream is about.  Once you intuit what the dream is about, ask yourself, honestly, what is it about a given situation that you do not want to face, or admit, and why?  Then the symbols will make sense, and they will help you bring into consciousness things that you have been repressing.

In these ways, dreams can help you decrease your stress and get unstuck in certain life situations.

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