Q: Should We Get Health Insurance? I Feel a Strong Sense of Injustice Around the Healthcare System.

BigMe discusses the philosophical dilemma of buying health insurance.

A: This is a very personal decision. On one hand, not having health insurance leaves you open to serious medical costs if something serious happens to you. However, I see your point. If you have health insurance, then you only have things that are covered by health insurance to pick from. You don’t tend to want anything medically done to you, and for good reason. You’ve seen time and time again how medicine has hurt people, has led to an increase in cost, and a lowering of health for the nation as a whole. It also tends to allow one to shirk personal responsibility for their health. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision, one that you must make.

Q: I’ve Been Self-Employed for 20 years, and It’s Sort Of Tiring. What’s the Difference Between Working for Myself and Getting a Job, Spiritually?

BigMe explains to little me the spiritual difference between having a j-o-b and being self-employed.

A: There’s quite a big difference actually. Why is this? When you work for yourself, all the responsibility rests on your shoulders, you get to see the fruits of your actions directly. When you work for somebody else, you don’t take responsibility for everything. Someone else is in charge. If something fails, you can blame it on somebody else. If something succeeds, it’s because of somebody else. Working for yourself is ideal for spiritual discernment and progress. That being said, if you find yourself in a good stable job making good money, with benefits, this may also add your spiritual progress because the fact that it will be low-stress, and It will give you more of an opportunity to work on your spirituality and your practice. Like everything, discernment between the two is needed. However, if you feel yourself pulled up to your own business, that would be ideal for spiritual growth.