How can I be of the greatest service to the world?

Q: How can I be of the greatest service to the world?

A: You can be of the greatest service to the world by being yourself, and being as loving and understanding as possible to everyone and everything you come across.  When you are focused on being as loving as you can be, it also has the added benefit of disidentifying you with yourself, allowing you to assume witness consciousness more fully, and, as a consequence, you’ll also be happier.  So being as loving to everyone is its own reward, it’s not just good for everyone else, but also for you.

Understand that the world needs everyone that is in it, just as they are, and that everyone serves a unique purpose. To be the greatest service to the world, be yourself fully, and be as loving as possible.

One thing people do that brings them a tremendous amount of misery is that they try to be something that they are not, rather than what they are. They think they have to be different in order to be loved and accepted by themselves and others.  What they are showing themselves is how they are not accepting themselves or their divine plan.  But in reality, these people are still being great service to the world; they are showing others exactly how to be unhappy.

How do I escape my negative thoughts?

Q: How can we escape the never-ending circuit of repetitive negative thoughts?

A: First off, remember that thoughts are just that, they are thoughts about reality.  They are not reality, they are just thoughts.  You could have the opposite thought about the same thing or situation, depending on other thoughts at that time.  So you must realize the “reality” you see is really just perception, it’s true to a greater or lesser extent, but it’s still not reality.

So after you realize that thoughts are just thoughts, you see that they have no power in and of themselves.  Your belief in them brings them their power.  That’s why trying to change your thinking may help make your thoughts more pleasant, but they are still reinforcing that this or that thought is true, and that you believe it.

The real answer is to watch your thoughts, to let them be there non-judgmentally.  Just let them come and go.  This opens the psychic doorway to witness consciousness.  It takes time, persistence, and faith.  Every time you see yourself believing a thought, any thought, bring yourself back to the consciousness that watches all, all thoughts, all happenings.

Negative thoughts then are just seen for what they are, negative thoughts, the opposite of positive thoughts, but not reality.  These negative loops then lose their power over your psyche, or mind, and they gradually wind down.  Remember, to try and fight them or change them acknowledges them, and their power over you, which reinforces them.

By the way, if you master this art of observing in the course of your lifetime, you are doing pretty well.

After writing all of this, maybe the first thought you should ask is, do I want these thoughts to stop?  What happens then?  What happens if all thoughts stop?  Since the ego is a thought form, and it is characterized by motion, reaction, and action, stopping is equivalent to death.  That is why when one practices witness consciousness, it can be very disturbing and anxiety producing.  Your ego feels its own death approaching.

Basically, it boils down to what you want to grow in the garden of your mind, if you want to grow fearful thoughts, believe your fearful thought, think other thoughts about your fearful thoughts, act on your fearful thoughts.  This will make them grow big, scary, and powerful, but only to you, the prisoner of your own mind.

Conversely, if you want witness conscious to grow, identify with it, watch it watch, watch it not react, see how it lives out of the flow of life, rather than the ego and fear.  The answer is to fully take part in this process.

Why do we have health problems? Why do I have so much pain?

Q: Why do we have health problems?

A: That’s a pretty big question, but it all does come down to a couple of simple facts. First, we partake in destructive behaviors: we smoke, drink, don’t exercise, don’t eat right, are negative, and so on.  All of this is bound to make us sick in some way.  Another major complicating factor is some of the negative baggage that we carry around with us.  These repressed emotions literally come out through a bodily illness, because we repress them in our psyche so much.  The last thing that makes us sick is our genes, or, in other cultures, what is called our karma.  It’s the stuff that we are born with.  However, working with the first two will minimize the expression of our genes in a negative way.

Q: Why do I have so much body pain?

A: You have so much body pain from your karma, it’s your karma to have this pain, and it’s your karma to try and fix it. Eventually you will fix it, not someone else, but I cannot tell you when or how, because this is also in the karmic package.  When you are done with this whole karmic package, it will all make sense.  You could use past life recall to aid you as well, both by yourself and with others.

What is the ‘Big Me’ or ‘Higher Self’, and how do I communicate with it?

Q: What is the difference between the small self and the Self with a big ‘S’?

A: If you take the small self, and take away all of its attachments, its opinions, its points of views, what you’re left with is pure witness consciousness, the highest expression of one’s self, the big Self.

Q: How do I communicate with this?

A: First, you have to acknowledge that there is a big Self, and a small self. Then, you have to admit that communication with the big Self is even possible.  Most people do not know about the big Self, and those who do think they have to enter into some trance state — some meditative state — in order to communicate with it.  Just the opposite is true.  The big Self is always there, it’s just that we’re too busy paying attention to, and are addicted to, our day-to-day drama.  Others think it’s heresy to think that we have a higher Self with which we can readily communicate.  Meanwhile, they put an altar at the feet of their egos — that’s the real heresy.

To communicate with the higher Self, we first must admit that we have a higher Self, then we must put faith in the act of communicating with it. Then, we may ask for permission to speak with it.  Then, we wait patiently with faith that communication will come.  In my case, when I am feeling peaceful, either during the day or at night, I will ask “Are you there, Big Me?”  Oftentimes, a voice will come back and say “Yes, I’m here, I’m always here”.  Then I start up a conversation.  And when Big Me speaks to me, I listen, just listen, the best that I can.